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Continuing its mission to offer more health services for its customers/patients, CVS Health announced on October 5 that it will begin providing optical and hearing services. Hearing Centers will launch in the Dallas and Cleveland markets, while Optical Centers will launch at five locations in the Baltimore/D.C. area.

About the Hearing Centers

*Open Tuesdays-Saturdays

*Staffed by licensed audiologists and hearing instrument specialists

*Soundproof booths

*Offering free hearing screenings and free in-store hearing checks and cleanings

*Hearing aid products and customized ear plugs available

*Noise simulation testing

*Many insurance plans accepted

About the Optical Centers

*Open seven days a week

*Comprehensive eye exams administered by optometrists three days a week (walk-ins and appointments)

*Prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses

*Access to 600+ frames and sunglasses for men, women, and children

*Free cleanings and adjustments

*Eyeglasses will have a 90-day total-satisfaction guarantee (one-year guarantee for glasses purchases for children up to age 14)

Retail Clinic & Urgent Care Visits Increasing

According to an Accenture study covered by the Chicago Tribune, more Americans are utilizing retail clinics and urgent care centers for basic health complications and injuries.

Data shows that urgent care visits increased 19% from 2010 through this year, from 148.8 million annual visits to 176.8 million annual visits. Retail clinic visits have climbed 76%, from 10.7 million annual visits in 2010 to 18.8 million annual visits in 2015.

Note: You can use this website to find a retail clinic near you.


Photo credit: CVS Newsroom

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