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5-Exercise Bodyweight Workout That Works

I receive a lot of questions from clients about bodyweight workouts. The truth is a solid bodyweight workout – one that incorporates some cardio, strength-training, and flexibility focus – can be very effective for women and men alike.

Depending on your fitness level, bodyweight workouts can serve various purposes. These type of routines are popular for different reasons, from their ability to help you get back into a workout regimen to serving as a way for heavy lifters to give their joints some rest.

We’ve put together a 5-exercise bodyweight workout that hits all the major muscle groups and has proven to help people develop strength, balance, and endurance. This workout is also great if you have a super busy day but want to make sure you get in some exercise!

They key, as with all workouts, is ensuring proper technique and pushing yourself. Enjoy!

5-Exercise Bodyweight Workout That Works from GetMeHealthee


Workout Overview

*Be sure to consult your doctor, as always, before starting any workout program

*Don’t forget to warm up and stretch

*Perform the exercises in a circuit – shoot for 3 sets/circuits (approximately 30 minutes)

*Exercise #1: Lunge with Rotation – 10x Each Leg

*Exercise #2: Walkout with Push-Up – 8-10 Repetitions

*Exercise #3: Speed Skaters – 30 Seconds (Fast)

*Exercise #4: Side Plank or Modified Side Plank – 10x Each Side

*Exercise #5: Supermans – 12 Repetitions

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