March 4, 2016   Megan Seay

3 Ways to Instill Lifetime-Lasting Healthy Habits in Your Kids

Healthy Kids

How can you be sure that your healthy lifestyle habits are rubbing off on your children? While it may be something we all strive for, it’s not always easy to do. From our discussions with health-conscious parents, we’ve outlined a few ways to help you instill healthy habits in your kinds that can last a lifetime.

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May 6, 2014   Darren Behuniak

New Retail Clinic Survey Shows Adults Make Up Majority of Visitors

Close-up Of Businessman Filling Customer Survey Form

According to a new survey published by Kalorama Information, an independent medical market research firm, the majority of retail clinic users are adults.  The study entitled, “Retail Clinics Market Overview and 2014 Survey Results,” showed that “66% of retail clinic visitors are adults who are not accompanied by a child.” This survey is particularly interesting in the wake of recent […]

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