January 28, 2016   Megan Seay

New Year, New You: 3 Secrets to Turning Health Resolutions into Real Lifestyle Changes


Are you having difficulty maintaining your healthy 2016 resolutions? Getting tired of gym or yoga class already? From our experience with personal training, we know many New Year’s resolutions fade in February. Here are some helpful tips to keep you going – and turn your resolution into a lifestyle change.

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March 5, 2014   Darren Behuniak

Office Exercise Series: Keeping Air Out of the Spare Tire

If you’re like many workers in America, you’ve had to spend time working in an office setting sitting at a desk and/or cubicle. Many of us at GetMeHealthee have. It can be less than awesome. We understand how much exercise people don’t get on a daily basis as a result of having to sit all […]

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